Our expert accounting advisory services can help you buy or sell a business, build a healthy business plan, assist with matrimonial disputes, aid with financial planning, and more.

Our Consulting Services:

Transaction Advisory Services

Are you interested in buying or selling a business? Do you need help negotiating and navigating through the process? Has the buyer/seller provided you with financial information?

We can help you work through the entire transaction process.

Subcontracting Services

Do you need a hand working through your forecasts, budgeting, payroll, or just dealing with pesky auditors? Our team of professionals has aided clients across numerous industries.

Or do you have a question or problem and don’t know where to start? Let us help. At Accelerate LLP, we pride ourselves in being "Business Advisors" - in all facets.

Business Valuation

Need to know the value of your business, security or intangible asset? Our team of valuators can help you quantify it.

Our clients have engaged us to perform valuation services for tax and estate planning, matrimonial disputes, shareholder disputes, business sales and acquisitions, and commercial damages quantification. 

Corporate Finance

Financial statements tell a story - as your financial experts, let us help you understand what your money is telling you. This will allow you to make more informed decisions to help you run your business to the best it can be.

Need financing? Are you paying too much on your loans? We will work with you to find a better rate.

Matrimonial Disputes

Involved in an actual or anticipated family law proceeding, such as a divorce or a separation? In need of consulting experts to determine financial common ground on the proceeding? We have helped clients identify and quantify assets/liabilities and advised on the determination of child/spousal support.

Damage Calculations

Are you going through an insurance claim or a resulting lawsuit? We have been engaged to calculate damages resulting from fire, an act of terror, industrial accident, theft, fraud, or a contract dispute.

Financial Planning

What are your retirement dreams?

Your financial plan is how you will retire. We all want to retire with a certain comfort level and picture, typically with great clarity, the activities we’d like to enjoy in retirement. Ironically, more than 50% of Canadians have no financial plan, and more than 75% know that they should be saving more than they are. Having a concrete financial plan that takes the guesswork out of the process is the only way to achieve your retirement dreams.

At Accelerate LLP, we demystify this process by showing you how the math works and the critical parts of your financial plan, including what items will ultimately have the most significant effect on your quality of life during retirement.

Chief Financial Officer - On Contract

Understanding Cash Flow

Too little cash is a problem that every small business faces at one point or another. A proper understanding of the magnitude and timing of cash inlays and outlays separates successful companies from those defunct. Consider that many companies that go bankrupt still have profit. They simply ran out of cash. We have helped countless small business owners feel in control of their cash flow.

Leasing versus Buying

Vehicles, office space, machinery, equipment, and computers are everyday items utilized in small businesses. The decision to buy versus leasing can have a pervasive effect on your company’s day-to-day operations and must be carefully considered.


Understanding which product or service lines contribute to your bottom line is vital to your success. We need to sell more of what makes us money and less of what does not. While this may seem intuitive and relatively simple, we have seen many businesses do not follow this simple mantra because they don’t know how to allocate specific costs to their sales, such as; office rent, management salaries, and more.

Dealing & Negotiating with Lenders

Taking money from an institution or another private party typically results in new expectations. These expectations can take the form of banking covenants and quarterly calls to review the companies results. Having someone who speaks the same language as your lender can give you a competitive advantage.

Cash Flow Forecasting and Budgeting

Cash flow is king.

Cash is a funny thing, not enough, and it’s all you can think about, while too much money does not guarantee happiness. In the early years of any company, cash is king. Ensuring that the cash inflows match and exceed cash outflows is critical. Countless profitable businesses have folded due to poor management of cash flow.

Countless profitable businesses have folded due to poor management of cash flow. Ensuring that your cash flow is accurate and adequately captures your business’s realities can be challenging. Determining the timing and the dollar amount of revenues involves significant estimation and ultimately requires professional judgement.

Accelerate LLP has prepared thousands of cash flows to help business owners make the best decisions possible with the information at hand.

Business Planning

A healthy business plan is a key to success. 

  •  How is your product or service competitive? 
  • Who is your target market? 
  • How will you reach that target market? 
  • What market penetration do you require to be successful? 
  • Who will purchase your product or service, and for how much? 
  • What are the cash needs of your business during the first two years?

Accelerate LLP can assist you with all aspects of your business plan. We can write it from scratch, or review what you’ve already completed and provide constructive feedback.

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