Our Tax Services: 

Personal Tax

Personal taxes are as individual as our clients. That’s why We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and adjust our strategies accordingly. Our expertise allows us to analyze "what-if" scenarios and incorporate changes in personal situations.

The knowledge gained in preparing personal tax returns with us should also allow you to identify better opportunities to manage your personal and family tax burdens.

Contact our team for expert personal tax services in Edmonton, Calgary or Rocky Mountain House today.

Corporate Tax

 At Accelerate LLP, we help our clients develop an approach to reduce corporate tax liability by:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of your corporate structure
  • Planning future transactions to mitigate corporate tax implications
  • Structuring acquisitions and dispositions tax-effectively
  • Identifying tax opportunities for your business

From internal reorganizations and splitting income to addressing the tax implications of transitioning ownership to employees and family, we deal with a wide variety of corporate tax issues for our clients.

Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Compensation planning
  • Reorganizations
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • GST
  • Representing our client to the tax authorities

We know that filing corporate taxes can be complicated. Contact us today to find out how we can plan and implement a corporate tax strategy that works for you.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about protecting the interest of your family and loved ones while minimizing or eliminating taxes on death. Our team is trained to give you and your family the most flexible tax and estate planning options.

Succession Planning

Who will own your business after you have moved on? How will your family be involved? These and other important questions come up when you begin succession planning for your business. A tax savings strategy should be considered whether it is passed down within the family or transferred to employees or a third-party buyer. We can help you evaluate your options and consider how to structure this transition in the most tax-efficient way.

International Tax

More and more companies are looking south of the border for new business opportunities. Many of our clients have entered foreign markets, and we have helped them navigate the complex tax rules that come with this territory. From entering to exiting a foreign market, we are here to assist you in making sure things are done right from the beginning. Our team can assist in ensuring that you understand and are equipped with a tax-efficient approach.


There are a lot of tough decisions to make in the Agricultural industry. We can help! We have assisted many of our clients with decisions such as:

  • How to make the farm more profitable
  • When to realize inventory
  • When to enter into land or equipment purchases
  • Assisting you with managing your tax obligations and cash flow
  • How to take advantage of existing tax credits and farm programs
  • Determining if incorporation is right for your operation
  • Succession and estate planning


We help our clients ensure their partnerships comply with all the relevant tax laws from small to large partnerships. Between transferring property in and out of a partnership, reducing or increasing members of the partnership and determining whether the structure is the right fit for your business, we have helped our clients navigate the tax implications from these complex situations.

Tax Is a Significant Cost to Your Business

Thinking ahead will accelerate your growth and move you closer to your financial goals.